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General Information - Appointment Info
Sex and Couple Therapy Service
McGill University Health Center, Royal Victoria Hospital, Montreal

Each new client is scheduled for an assessment appointment during which a therapist can carry out a thorough evaluation of the problem. If further medical evaluations are necessary this will be recommended with our consultants. If treatment at our service is appropriate this will be recommended. If not, recommendations for other types of treatments may be made.

Assessments appointments are booked between 9am and 5pm on weekdays, and take approximately 1 hour.

If you would like to book an intake assessment, please kindly fill out our registration form below and email it back to If you are seeking services with your partner, please note that both partners need to fill out a registration form.
Should you wish to obtain more information about the clinic, please contact Liz Nolin at (514) 934-1934, ext. 34285, or at

Your best treatment plan will be discussed with one of our therapists at an assessment appointment.
Click HERE to get a copy of the Registration Form

General Information - Directions

The Allan Memorial Institute is located close to the north east corner of Peel Street and Pine Avenue. The Sex and Couple Therapy Service- is located on the second floor of the new wing.  The new wing has its own entrance at the back of the north east corner of the Allan Memorial Institute or you can walk through from the main entrance. The reference desk at the main entrance will be able to provide assistance. Note that the Sex and Couple Therapy Service is two blocks away from the old location of the Royal Victoria Hospital.

Allan Memorial Institute
1025 Pine Avenue West

Hospital parking lot and street meters
located on Pine avenue

#144 Pine Avenue, Peel Stop

Peel Metro
(Steep 15 minute walk up Peel street)

To get public transportation directions from your origin to the Allan Memorial please visit the STM Website

For driving directions
please see Map Quest



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