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Sexual Arousal - - Sept 30 2006
Study Finds No Difference In Sex Arousal Rate Of Men And Women
September 30, 2006 9:02 a.m. EST

Som Patidar - All Headline News Staff Writer

Montreal, Canada (AHN) - A study conducted by researchers at the McGill University Health Center revealed that there is no difference in sexual arousal rate of men and women, breaking the age-old theory, which claimed that women took more time to get aroused.

Dr. Irv Binik, director of the Sex and Couple Therapy Service of Royal Victoria Hospital, said: "Comparing sexual arousal between men and women, we see that there is no difference in the amount of time it takes healthy young men and women to reach peak arousal."

The researchers found that both men and the women began showing arousal within 30 seconds.

While men reached maximal arousal in 664.6 seconds (roughly ten minutes), women, on the other hand, took 743 seconds - a statistically negligible difference, Asia News International reports.

Creation date : 10/04/2006 @ 07:34
Last update : 10/04/2006 @ 09:08
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