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Health Care Professionals - FAQs
Health Professionals - FAQs

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1. Who are the therapists that see clients at the sex and couple therapy service?
2. Who is appropriate to refer for the service?
3. What is the cost of the service?
4. How do I refer a patient?
5. Why refer to a hospital based service?
6. Are specialized services available?
7. Can I discuss a specific patient before referring them?
8. What’s new in the treatment of erection problems?
9. What’s new in the treatment of sexual/genital/pelvic pain?
10. What’s new in the assessment of sexual dysfunction?
11. What services are not provided?
12. What is the theoretical approach?
13. Can I get some training in sexology?
14. How can I get involved?
15. Are there research projects associated with our clinical service?
16. How can I get more information about the Sex and Couple Therapy Service?
17. What is the therapeutic approach?
18. Recommended Readings

Creation date : 06/06/2006 @ 02:16
Last update : 09/12/2014 @ 08:16
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