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Internships/Trainees - FAQs
Internships/Trainees - FAQs

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1. How many interns/practicum students are taken each year?
2. What are the requirements?
3. Do I need to have previous experience in sex and couple therapy?
4. How specialized is this internship?
5. How much is the stipend?
6. What is the case load?
7. How much and what kind of supervision will I receive?
8. What are the general requirements of the internship?
9. What kind of therapy experience will I receive?
10. What kind of assessment experience will I receive?
11. Is there more than one internship available?
12. What are the therapy approaches used?
13. How will I learn about sex and couple therapy?
14. Can I speak to recent interns?


Creation date : 06/06/2006 @ 02:13
Last update : 08/25/2014 @ 13:02
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