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Internships/Trainees - General information
Interships/Trainees - General Information


Interns Room
Training begins with an intensive period of didactic seminars that introduces the intern to the basic principles of sex and couple therapy. At the same time, interns/trainees sit in with supervisory staff during ongoing assessments and therapy. Click HERE to download the the course outline for the 2015-16 interns seminar. Within a few weeks, interns/trainees begin seeing therapy cases.
All interns/trainees are required to attend the weekly clinical rounds on Tuesday from 1-2 pm and two weekly supervision groups. They also often participate as co-therapists in the sex education and couple enhancement groups. Typically interns/trainees also carry out assessments and consultations in the departments of urology and gynecology. The typical therapy case load for a half time internship is is 8 to 10 clients or couples per week. Interns must be available all day on Tuesday for supervision groups and for attendance at rounds. Therapy cases can be seen at the convenience of the intern and client. interndesk.jpg

Interns Desk


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